Sunday, November 29, 2009

About this blog

Welcome to my cooking blog! First of all, please bear with me while I make this thing prettier. I've never done a food blog before so it may take me a bit to get this thing working how I want.

The purpose of this blog is mainly to collect and share my various random cooking endeavors. I enjoy cooking, and enjoy reading online recipes, but always have trouble finding foods that I really like. I'm almost entirely a vegetarian, I don't like sweets, I try to eat healthy, and I am an admittedly picky eater. This combination of things forces me to get creative with my cooking.

My main concerns with cooking are making foods that aren't too time-consuming (most of the time), making sure I eat healthy and get proper nutrition with a meat-free diet, and making sure my food still tastes good so that I'm not bored with my diet. If any of these cooking concerns appeal to you, then hopefully you'll find something in here you enjoy!

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